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-Early Morning
-DJ Mixes Will Not Be Returning
-LinkedIn Still Banning @TheSlyShow
-Black Followers Left
-Democrat Plantation
-Democrat Segregation
-Best Johnny Cash Song Is…
-Pew Pew Pew
-Toxic Masculinity
-Support Blue Collar
-Oakland Chief of Police Fired
-Blue America – Blue Cities – Homeless Mess
-The Agenda Is To Kill You
-Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman Hospitalized For Depression
-John Legend Is A Clown Doing Ad’s For Pfizer
-RINOS In California
-Ellen Degenerate
-Limited Govt
-Wokeism Is A PSYOP
-No Exceptions With Trans
-Im Not Responsible For Your Anxiety
-California COVID “State of Emergency” ending on February 28, 2023

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