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-Charming California (SOA)
-CCR is from Oakland, California
-Project Veritas Removes James O’Keefe
-Business Gets Weird
-Pfizer Employee Exposed
-Coffee Out Of A Christmas Cup
-Promo Images Are Back
-Unfollowing Project Veritas
-Amy Winehouse – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
-Rejecting Thug Culture
-Thug Culture Is All Fake
-Rappers Are Fake
-Peter Pan – Hook – Dustin Hoffman
-Going To All The California Missions
-Opposing Tearing Down Monuments In The South
-California No Longer Tests For Weed
-John Fetterman Is On His Death Bed
-Liberal Men Are An Embarrasment
-The Sly Show Can Be Found @
-People Wearing Masks In 2023
-Christians Who Are Liberals
-The Real Reason Why The Left Pushes For Abortion
-Liberal Indoctrination
-I Am On The Side Of The Good These Days, Not Bad
-Everybody Thought Year 2000 Was What The Pandemic Was
-Things Putin Has Said That I Agree With
-Leftists Are So Angry
-Ukraine Has No Chance Vs Russia
-Upgrades Are Coming
-Conservatives Should Not Care About Jeffree Star
-Nobody Cares About Women In The Gym
-Gym Tips w/ The Sly Show
-Black Lives Matter Isn’t Biblical
-February Is Weird
-Closing Song: Rod Stewart – Maggy May

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