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Rick James – Super Freak
Incense, Wine & Candles
Sly Cutting Promos Live On The Show
All The Hardrives Through 19 Years Of The Sly Show
Play Nice With A Woman’s Heart
Slapping 50s and 60s Music Today
Dean Martin – That’s Amore
Shoutout To Oklahoma
2A All Day
Long Skirts & Very Short Songs
1950s and 1960s Talk
Liberals Hate Edwin Star’s Song “War”
January 6th Was A 3 Hour Peaceful Protest
Ex NBA Player Shawn Kemp Did A Drive-bye Shooting
The Big Bopper
The 60s Movie On NBC
LSD, PCP, Experimental Drugs
Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You
I Got My Route 66 Shirt On
A Bronx Tale
We Used To Be A Proper Country
How To Lose Weight
People Who View Stories On Instagram
Young Men Voices Changing During Puberty
QAnon Wasn’t Banned At First
Occupy Movement
I Can Never Be Far-Right
Detransition Diaries
Pfizer Is Mutating Viruses
Fitness Tips From Sly
How To Run For 60 Mins Straight
Obese Is Not A Profane Word
Tom Jones – It’s Not Unusual
Sly Shaming Apple & Tim Cook
Respecting Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Was A Shark
Steve Jobs Was A Pirate
They Don’t Make Dudes Like Steve Jobs Anymore
Elon Musk
Sly Is A Fucking Suit
I’m The Captain Now
Body By Jake
Z-Boys, Dogtown
Tom Hanks Is A Pedophile
Most Movies Are Demonic
People Make Excuses For Movies/Actors They Care About
Stranger Things Is Demonic
Liberalism Has Infiltrated Every Institution
I am Adam Movie Was The Devil
Lil Nas X Killed The Devil
Skyliners – Since I Don’t Have You
Liberals Are Communists
SOL – Not Mexican Beer, Shit Outta Luck
Platters – Only You

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