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Monday Monday
Normie Behaivor
Lots of Coffee Already
University Liberal Indoctrination
Chris Rock New Netflix Standup Special Was Good!
Chris Rock Called Will Smith A Bitch 20 Times
Remembering Joe C ( Kid Rock)
Politically Correctness Fucking Sucks
Sly’s Standup Comedy Days
RIP Robin Williams
Best Robin Williams Movies
Sly Coughing Up Lungs
Sue The Jew Shows Up
ADL Is Full Of Shit
Union Workers Who Pander To Democrats
JV From Wild 949 Is Still Missing
There’s No Lights On The Bay Bridge
Academy Awards
Ent Business: The Business Of Rejection
Goodfellas Movie
Sly Goes Into Movie Talk
Wolf of Wallstreet Getting Fucked Over @ Oscars in 2013
Wolf of Wallstreet One Of The Best Movies Ever
Dallas Buyers Club
CCR – Around The Bend

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