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Earth, Wind and Fire – Fantasy
Tech Issues All Morning
Winamp Fucking Up
Sly The Troubleshooter
PC Programs Freezing
15 Shows In The Past 3 Weeks
Is Michael Jordan A Conservative?
Sly Realizes It’s St. Patricks Day
EDM DJs and Their Buttons
Liberals Will Tie St. Patricks Day To White Supremacy
Rascals – It’s A Beautiful Morning
The Far Right Christian – Sly
Text/Dial: 925-953-2004
Earth, Wind, And Fire – Fantasy
Sly Not Graduating From High School
Sly Has A Giants Tattoo
Sly Being A Batboy For The Giants
Eastcoast Bias w/ American Sports
SF & Their Reparations Bullshit
Liberals Virtue Signaling
Gavin Newsom Is The Worst Governor In America
California Is The Most Corrupt State
Remembering The Richard Dunnuck Interview
Recall Election That Almost Got Newsom Removed
HPV Vaccine
Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky
LGBTQ in Disney Movies
Dating Someone With Big Teeth
People Need To Stand Up For Their Children
People Who Didn’t Comply
Charlie Manson
KKK Hate Race Mixing, Do You?
CLosing Words
Have A God Bless Weekend
The End

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