-Asians Cry About “Thugs” Terrorizing Their People, Then Turn Around And Celebrate & Uplift “Lil Tay” For Promoting “Thug Culture.”

-NORMIES Got Told To Start Wearing Masks Again Due To A New “Variant,” So They Have Got In-Line & Begun Masking-Up!

-Murrieta, California School Board Passes A New Law That If Any Child In Their School District Thinks He Or She Is The Opposite Gender, The School Must Report It To The Parents Aligning With The Same Law That Was Recently Passed In Chino Hills, California 🇺🇲.

-Disney Is Failing On Every Level & It’s All Due To WOKEISM.

-Bill Maher Had Riley Gaines On His “Club Random” Podcast & Although He’s A Degenerate Leftist, Even He Opposes WOKEISM That Has Infiltrated America.

-Eminem Is A Sell-Out Bitch Who Used To Be Anti-Establishment.

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