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US House Passes A Bill That Criminalizes The Bible & Make It Impossible To Criticize Jews, Jewish Supremacy, Politicians With Dual Citizenships Between USA & Israel, Jews Running Everything, Christians Who Blindly Support ISRAEL, Politically Correct Christians, Jews Hating Christians, Methodist Churches Are An Absolute Disgrace Celebrating & Welcoming LGBTQ People Into Their Church, Gaza Student Protests, US Politicians Paid By The Israel Lobby, There Is No Right And There Is No Left, Christians Been Indoctrinated To Stand With Israel, Fuck Being Redpilled – You Need To Be Jewpilled, Jews & Their Satanic Rituals, Leftists Are Dumb, Republicans Passing Anti-First Amendment Laws, Divide And Conquer Shit, The Hamas Lie, Israel Lovers, There’s Zero Conservative Culture Promoted In Pop Culture, Looking At A Trump Presidency, + Much More Fuckery!

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