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Gavin Newsom’s California Is Facing A $45 Billion Dollar Deficit & Has Spent $24 Billion On Homelessness Which He Didn’t Even Track, My Mom Called Me Anti-Semitic On Mother’s Day, Dr. Ben Carlson Isn’t Bought & Paid By Israel & Should Be Trump’s VP, Ted Cruz Is Definitely Israel First, Roseanne Barr Was Offended When Candace Owens Said Christ Is King, Kamala Harris Said Trump Will Federally Ban Abortions, Trump’s Court Case With Stormy Daniels Is All Establishment Interfering With The 2024 Election, California Is Falling Apart Thanks To Gavin Newsom, Red States vs Blue States, Anti-Israel vs Anti-Semitic, Racist – Sexist -Anti-Semitic Homophobic – All Comes From The Same Place & Same Group Of People, Israel PM Netanyahu Says No body Helped Out Israel During World War 2, Republicans Shilling To Israel, Band Of Brothers, Sound of Freedom, Ceasefire Protests Are Nothing Like What BLM Protests Were In 2020, Republicans Selling The Fuck Out, Anyone Paid By Israel Loses All Credibility, + Much Much More Fuckery!

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