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Video Surfaces Of Diddy Violently Violating R&B Singer Cassie, NIH Says Social Distancing Was Never Effective, Jewish Executives Doing Fucked Up Shit To People In Hollywood Is Nothing New, Diddy Is Just One Example Of The Fucked Up Shit That Happens In The Business, North Carolina Bans Masks In Public Settings, Normies In California Still Wearing Masks, People Always Ask Me Where I Work Based On My Attire, Trump Ending Forever Wars Was One His Best Policies Ever, Not Selling Your Soul In Hollywood, Boomer Republicans Are Very Gullible Idiots, November Election, Restoring Girls Sports & Opposing All Gender Bathrooms, All Hispanics Should Vote Republican, Jews Love Playing Identity Politics, Democrat Party Indoctrination Amongst Minorities, The Hamas Lie, Diddy Probably Had Something To Do With 2Pac’s Murder, Diddy Has Always Been A Piece Of Shit, People Afraid To Say The Word Jews, People Cancelling Me For My Views Through The Years, DEI Is A Jewish Agenda, Jasmine Crockett Is A Ghetto Mess, Anyone Can Become A Politician, Valentina Gomez Shilling Hardcore To Israel, People Who Say Pro Hamas Supporters, + Much Much More Fuckery!

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