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Amber Rose Endorsing Trump Because She Hates Abortion & Understands Transgenderism Is Mental Illness, Kick Rock Is A Sell-Out Who Should Never Be Celebrated, Donald Trump Is Also A Huge Sell-Out, Charlie Kirk Pushed The Vaccine In 2020, NORMIES Acting Stupid On A Daily Basis, Pride Month Boycotting, Bud Light Boycott Is Still Very Much A Thing, Fred Durst Is Definitely Woke, Bill Burr Is The Definitely A Liberal, People Who Don’t Think Before They Speak, Woodstock 99, Left Wing Agenda Is Anti-Establishment, Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg Group, Real Free Thinker Shit, Jewish Supremacy, Diddy, Politicians Lie, No Emotion When Conducting Business Decisions, Trump Tower Serving Bud Light, Trump’s Vaccine Stance, Pride Month, Lukewarm Christians Are All Phony, Israel, Netanyahu, Bought And Paid Politicians, Running Through These Topics, Joe Biden Hates Black People, Everything In Society Is Liberal, Experts Have Always Been Wrong + Much More Fuckery!

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