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Donald Trump Thinks The Republican Party Is Unified, Huntington Beach, CA Republican Mayor Gracey Van Der Mark Is One Of The Best Politicians In California, Dr. Ben Carson For Trump 2024 VP Please, There’s No Left Or Right Wing, Donald Trump Wants Mike Johnson To Help Overturn His Conviction, Mike Johnson Is A RINO Establishment Republican, Trump-Endorsed Sam Brown Made Himself Look Like An Idiot On Fox Business Channel, Republicans Are Weak – Especially On Abortion, Leftists Arent Traditionally Anti-Vax, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carey, Political Party Popular Narratives, People Offended By Words I Use, Opposing Israel, Nazis, Kamala Harris Legacy Is Throwing Black People In Prison For Weed, Black People Celebrating Trump’s Conviction Is Very Weird, Malcom X, MLK, Political Theatre,Don’t Care Still Voting Trump Is The Same Thing Liberals Say ‘ Vote Blue No Matter Who,’ Donald Trump Is Compromised And Will Go Along With Whatever The Establishment Wants, Liberals Don’t Value Life, Thomas Massie Is America First, Caitlin Clark, Anti-White Indoctrination, + Much More Fuckery!

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