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CNN Presidential Debate Tonight, Both Trump & Biden Are Bought By Israel, Political Grifters & All Grifters Suck, Phony People In Society, Wokeism Has Ruined ALL COMEDY, Jerry Seinfeld Opposing Woke Comedy, Leftists Want To Shut Down Free Speech, People Who Are Punctual Are Solid Humans, People Who Are Late Are Horrible Humans, Normies Follow Popular Trends, People Who Are Sheep In Society, News Believers, Both Political Sides Use Stories To Their Advantage, George Floyd Died From Fentanyl Overdose, Candace Owens Exposing BLM & The Jews, Christ Is King, Jews Responsible For Removing Jesus Christ From Society, Boomer Republicans Brainwashed Into Backing Israel, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, Grifters Are No Different Than People Who Beg For Money, Ultra Right Beer Hiring Viral Grifters As Spokespersons, Eat The Rich Is A Socialist / Communist Phrase Thanks To Bernie Sanders, Great Replacement Theory Is A Jewish Agenda To Replace White People In America, Why I Hate Telling People I Do A Podcast, I Give Two Fucks About Trump, Conservative Media People Are All Grifters Afraid To Call Out Israel, Biden Defaced The White House With Rainbow Colors, Jews Are The Grandfathers Of LGBTQ, Gays For Palestine Is Funny, Step By Step Show From The 90s, Christians Don’t Like It When I Curse, Politically Correct Christians Annoy Me, Trump Is Not America First, Israel Owns Trump & Biden, Trump Is Obviously The Better Choice, Gavin Newsom Gaslighting California Residents And Blaming His Failures On “Right-Wingers,” + Much More Fuckery!

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