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Trump / Biden Debate Recap, Biden Looked Very Sloppy, Trump Looked Smooth, Biden Unloaded On Many Lies Like His Son Beau Dying In Iraq, Democrats Are In Shambles, Democrat Party Establishment Is Shook, Oklahoma Votes To Implement The Bible In Schools & 10 Commandments To Be Posted In Every Classroom, The Supreme Court Signs Off On Major Cities Now Allowed To Shut-Down Homeless Encampments, Conservative Policies Will Fix America, Lots Of California Isn’t Liberal, Living In The Far-Left Bay Area, Opposing The Establishment At All Costs, Identity Politics Is A Left-Wing Thing, Fuck Political Labels, Transgender Bathrooms & Sports Allowed zin California, Homeless Problem In California, Make California Great Again, Vote Blue No Matter Who, Trump Shilling To Israel Wasn’t Needed, Car Breaks Ins In California, Gun Control, Riley Gaines, William Thomas, Women’s Sports, What’s Important To You?, Political Views, Don’t Ever Drive Into San Francisco, House Break Ins, Liberal Normies Brainwashed, Biden Unfit To Be President, Liberals Offended Over Trump’s Black Jobs Comment Is Hilarious, Viral Video Shows Adam Francisco Leftists Silent Watching Debate, Biden Said Brothers & Sisters Are Raping Each other,1% Of All Abortions Are Due To Rape, Fake Republicans, Jews Running Society, Jesus Christ Is Considered Anti-Establishment In 2024, Church & State Argument Doesn’t Carry Weight Anymore, + Much More Fuckery!

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