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Trump Gets Immunity By Supreme Court, Pride Parade Degeneracy Was On Full Display On Sunday, San Francisco Had. A Fetish Zone That Showed People Getting Urinated On, Sex Acts In Front Of Children, Trump Getting Immunity Is A Huge Win!, All Police Departments Are Woke & Must Get In Line With The Liberal Agenda, Boy Scouts Of America Marched In The Seattle Pride Parade, California Is A Modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah, Devil Resides Where Jesus Has Been Removed, Instagram Shadowbans Me Not Even 24 Hours After Removing My Previous 90-Day Shadowban, LGBTQ Is Not Oppressed By The System, The Equality Word Is Bullshit With LGBTQ, Miami Police Have Entire LGBTQ Themed Vehicles, Anyone Who Believes There’s More Than 2 Genders Is Far-Left, The Entire Bay Area Is One Huge Liberal Cesspool, Police Pander To The Same People That Wanted To Defund Them, Liberals Acting Off Emotion, CONFIRMED: Obama’s Pulling All The Strings, Police Are Forced To Pretend They Are For LGBTQ, 2024 Pride Month Was Quiet Till The End, No Free Speech On Social Media, Most People Just Watch Mainstream News & That’s It, Normies Going Along With Popular Narratives, Young Boys All Have Jew Fros In 2024, NORMIEISM 101, Democrat Party Establishment Is Coming Full Force, Hillary Clinton Wanted To Drone Strike Julian Assange, Only Way To Fix The World Is Through Right-Wing Policies, All Of Society Is Liberal & It’s An Uneven Playing Field, Homelessness Is Not A Result Of People Not Having Housing, Liberals Are Goliath & Conservatives Are David, + Much More Fuckery!

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