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Show #2 On The Day!, Tucker Carlson Says Biden Is Done & ‘You Can Bet On It ‘, Hawk Tuah Girl Says She Won’t Give Donald Trump A BlowJob & BlowJobs Are Now Political, RFK JR Is A Leftist Running A Liberal Campaign, Disgraced Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao Got Raided Due To Her Being Linked To Child Sex Trafficking, San Francisco Democrat Matt Haney Is Another Liberal Getting Investigated, NORMIES Finally Believe Biden’s Health Is An Issue Due To The Mainstream News Admitting It, Democrat Party ESTABLISHMENT Has Turned On Biden, Fuck All Politicians, Biden Is Done, Bill Clinton /Lewinsky, California Banning Indoor Cigarettes In 1998, Democrat Party Fails, Democrats Are In Deep Shit, Politics Is A Game Of Strategy, Kamala Harris Has Received $5M From The Israel Lobby, October 7th – News NORMIE Believers, Woke Police Get No Respect, Kanye: You Ain’t Got The Answers Sway, Everything’s A PSYOP, ADHD All Over The Place, Nicole Shanahan, When Biden Backs Out It Will Be Great, Independent Voters, Paul Pelosi DUI Was A Cover-Up, Politicians Want Power, Diane Feinstein, Biden Is Afraid To Nationally Ban Menthol Cigarettes, Weed Vs Alcohol Debate, Money – Power – Respect, Israel Is The Establishment & The Establishment Is Liberalism, Sue The Jew, Black Jobs Is Not A Contraversial Thing To Say At All, + Much More Fuckery!

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