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Seattle, WA Announces They Will Not Ban Homeless People Sleeping On Their Streets, Biden Admin Announces Another $2.3 Billion To Ukraine, Kamala Harris Pandering To The BET Awards Audience Is Hilarious, Censorship Against Conservatives On Social Media Is At An All-Time High, Vote Blue No Matter Who!, Local Fox Affiliate TV Host Heather Holmes Car Was Smashed With A Brick, Liberals Are In Delusion Why Their Communities Are Trash, Internet Used To Be Really Fun, California Liberals Suck, Opposing Israel For Sure, Local Ukraine Residents Living That Good Life, Ukraine President’s Wife Just Purchased A $4.3 Million Dollar Bugatti, Normieism, Elon Musk Is A Free Speech Fraud, All Mainstream Networks Are State Affiliated, RFK JR. VP Says Society Is Being Attacked By Demonic Forces, Sheng Thao, DEI Bullshit, Hiring Based On Qualifications, All Things Woke Turn To Shit, The Term “Based,” Nancy Pelosi Jumping off The Biden Train, I Sometimes Agree With Pro Palestine People, 4th Of July Days Away, Liberal-Ran Communities Will All Be Destroyed, + Much More Fuckery!

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