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Joe Biden Says He’s Running & Won’t Be Pushed Out, The Entire Democrat Party Establishment Wants Biden Out, Climate Change Hoaxers Sure Love This 110 Degree Heatwave, California’s Power Grid Fucking Sucks, No Way California Can Accommodate Majority Electric Vehicles By 2035, More Of Gavin Newsom’s Lackluster Management, Gas Tax In California Ia Because Liberals Hate Gas Vehicles, Power Outages Going Out All Over California, Liberal Voters Will Never Understand The Problems In Society Are Due To Democrats They Elect, Liberals Are All Brainwashed, Liberals Think Trump Is Equivalent To Hitler, Liberals Love Mainstream Media & Do No Free Thinking Or Research For Themselves, Vote Blue No Matter Who Crowd Looking Stupid, Celebrity’s Endorsing Politicians Look Silly As Fuck, Liberal Policy Is Destroying America, Kamala Harris Jailed 1,900 Blacks & Hispanics For Weed During Her San Francisco District Attorney Tenure, Jos Biden Replacements Are All Very Bad, Democrats Are In Shambles, Joe Biden Can’t Give Up Power, Michelle Obama Is A Man, People Lose Their Minds During Election Year Due To Them Having No Control Over Their Lives, Kevin Kiley Is A Sell-Out, Legislation Is All That Matters In Politics – Everything Else Is Theatre, Politics Is Pop Culture, Conservative Policy Is How You Fix America, The Establishment = The Liberal Agenda, 2020 Election Was Rigged, One Day From 4th Of July, People Used To Love America, The Climate Agenda Is A HOAX, People Are Controlled By Their Political Party, Republican Party Replacements Would Be Respectable, + Much More Fuckery!

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