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Extreme Hot Freeway Signs Are Fucking Stupid, Random Topics, Improv Style, Show #2 On The Day!, Re-Watching Southland TV Show, Alcoholics In AA Love That Coffee, C. Thomas Howell, All Celebrities Are Leftists, Profanity, Tow Truck Drivers Are All Assholes, Lots Of Coffee On The Sly Show, Adderall Making A Return To The Sly Show Soon, Martin Scorcese, Goodfellas, Wolf Of WallStreet, Tom Brady, Reno, NV, Lou Diamond Phillips, La Bamba Movie, Formula To Winning, France Is A Mess Due To Left Wing Policies Allowing Illegal Immigration, Israeli Outlet Saying Israel Killed Their Own Civilians On October 7th, Couchy Weed, Not Smoking Weed Anymore, You Might Die Taking Public Transportation In The Bay Area You Might Die, Government Selling Propaganda All Day- Everyday, Climate Change Hoaxers, Opposing The Establishment, Food Coma From Thai Food, Burping Over Here, Rude Ass Bitch @ Chinese Restaurant I Got Food From, Lack Of Good Customer Service In America, Lack Of Quality,+ Much More Fuckery!

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