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Elon Musk Gives A Retarded Reason Why He Banned Lucas Gage For Opposing Israel, Elon Musk Is No Ally To Conservatives, Elon Musk Is The Establishment, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Says 100 People Got Shot In Chicago Over The Weekend Due To Richard Nixon, Left-Wing Mayors Are All Fucking Stupid, Eric Adams, Sheng Thao, London Breed, All Of Them!, Gay Indoctrination Starts In Preschool In America, Jewish Supremacy, Kinder Care Pushes LGBTQ On All Children, All Republicans Bought & Paid By Israel, Left Wing Jews Voting For Trump Is Hilarious, ADL Tha Far-Left Organization, Race Mixing And People Being Fake About It, KKK, ACLU Leftist Bullshit, Free Speech Ain’t So Free, Elon Musk Sucks At Free Speech, Normie Conservatives Are Gay, All Mainstream Social Media Is Censorship Galore, People Who Self -Censor Themselves Are Gay, Opposing The Establishment, Eminem & Howard Stern Used To Be Anti-Establishment, Classic Liberals Were Down For Actual Free Speech, Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman, Lyndon B. Johnson, Idaho Bans Pronouns, Conservative Legislation Getting Passed Is A Win, Conservative Policy Will Be Anti-Establishment In The Years To Come!, Ben Carson Is The Only Potential Trump VP Pick That Makes Total Sense, + Much More Fuckery!

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