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Andy Kaufman, Steve Jobs, Project 2025 Is The Latest Liberal Propaganda Word That Trump Shouldn’t Have Bent His Knee On, Joy Reid Says America Must Elect Biden To Keep White Men From Running America, Professional Sports Is A Joke, Bread & Circus, Boycotts, Disney, NFL, MLB, Target, Wokeism, Thug Culture Is Retarded, Rappers Living That Fake Life, Normies Following The Crowd, People Not Having Jesus In Their Life, Most Of California Isn’t Even Liberal, American Indoctrination – Liberal Indoctrination, Buffets In Reno, NV Are Very Expensive, Grown Men Wearing Other Grown Men Jerseys, People Get Selective On What They Choose To Boycott, Senator Mike Lee Says There’s So Many Anti-Semitic Rants Online, ADL, Anti-Semitic Means Absolutely Nothing Because Powerful People Applied Their Agenda To The Word, Liberals Fear Christian White Males, Jews Love Black People For One Reason Only, White Supremacy Is Actually Jewish Supremacy, Race Mixing, Ded Snider From Twisted Sister Wants To Kill Babies, Rockstars Used To Bs Anti-Establishment, Trump Unfortunately Will Bend His Knee On Abortion, Listening To Old School Eminem! + Much More Fuckery!

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