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United States Senate Approves $95 Billion In Foreign Aid To Be Sent To Ukraine, Israel & Taiwan, Joe Biden Lastest Video Has Him Eating Fried Chicken With Black People, Kamala Harris Thinks She’s Ready To Be President, Right Wing & Left Wing Should Be Upset About Today’s Foreign Aid Announcement, Distractions Are Everywhere, Joe Biden’s Odd Super Bowl Post, The War On Children Doc By Robby & Landon Starbuck, Child Indoctrination, Israel Has Killed 12k Kids Since October 7th, Nuclear Family, Jesus, Churches Not Offending Is A Huge Problem, People Used To Be Healthy In The 1940s, All Politicians Are Full Of Shit, Ukraine Is The 51st State, Bread & Circus, Clones, Joe Biden Used To Be Based, AI, Taylor Swift Will Endorse Whoever The Democrat , + Much More!

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