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Fox News Has Kevin McCarthy In Trump’s Cabinet Per A Report Via: The Leading Report, Kevin McCarthy Anywhere Near Trump’s Campaign Would Be HORRIBLE, Texas, Friday Night Lights, Planet Fitness, People Who Tuck In Their Shirt, Israel First “Conservatives” Can All Eat A Dick, There’s Not One Republican Politician That I Like Or Trust, Trump Is Definitely A Politician, Strong Values, Southern States, California Republicans Are A Huge Joke, Trump Is NOT Anti-Establishment, Your Social Media Screen Time Says Everything About You, Boycotting Is Getting Tough Buying Anything, List Of Places Sly Is Boycotting, Sign Off Social Media & Live Life, Only You Know You, Leftists Used To Be Against Big Pharma Before Trump, Wokeism Is A Govt PSYOP, Liberals Can’t Oppose Child Trafficking Because They Are Controlled By Politics, Gas Is More Expensive In California, Climate Change Hoax Brings America Taxes, No Way California Bans Gas Powered Vehicles By 2035, Youth Football Isn’t The Same Anymore, + Much More Fuckery

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