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Eminem Wants To Kill Of His Fake Persona “Slim Shady,” Celebrities Who Have Sold Out To The Agenda Get No Respect, San Francisco Removes Appeal To Heaven Flag Because Jesus Christ Is Far-Right, Walnut Creek, CA Holding Some Ridiculous Pride Month Events, Drag Queen Story Hours, A Month Pedophiles Being Celebrated Is Coming, Robert DeNiro Fucked Up His Legacy, Great Replacement Theory, Jews Hating Jesus Christ, Lot Of Times White Supremacy Labels Are Actually Jewish, Climate Change HOAX, Israel Bullshit, Democrats Are Losing Black Voters, Martha’s Vineyard, Left-Wing Normies, Abortion Is Murder, My Body My Choice Only Applies To Vaccines – Not Babies, Real Christian Views Over Here, Purple Haired Christians Suck, Jesus Was Very Offensive, I Want Donald Trump To Go To Jail, Criminal Aliens Word Is Stupid Still, Joe Biden Pandering To Blacks, Conor McGregor – Who The Fook Is This Guy, Democrats Interfering In The Election, Kids In California Not In School During Pride Month Is A Huge Blessing From God, Teachers Union Is Jewish Ran, Transgenders Think They Were Born That Way, Kids Identifying As Furries, Bob Barker, The Price Is Wrong Bitch, Bobbleheads, Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Look Weird Since Ozempic, No Such Thing As Being Big Boned, Dave Chappelle, Eminem Used To Be Really Anti-Establishment, Political Correctness Is Gay, + Much More Fuckery!

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