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Liberal Celebrity Gun Grabbers Made it Clear They Want To Take Your Guns Away, Snoop Dogg’s Brother Dead @ 44 – Weeks After His Daughter Suffered A Stroke, Lesbians Not Fucking W/ Me!, Idaho Passes A Law To Put Pedophile To Death, Kanye’s Album “Vultures 1” Removed From All Platforms, Kelly Osbourne Says You’re Broke If You Don’t Like Ozempic, Rach Dolezal Fired From Teaching Gig For Having An OnlyFans Account, Only Fans & Tik Tok Commercials Are Fucking Ridiculous, Joan Osborne: What if God Was One Of Us, San Francisco Schools Want To Cancel Algebra Because Blacks & Hispanics Can’t Pass The Class, Biden Visits East Palestine, Job Stewart Returns To The Daily Show And Slams Joe Biden+ Much More Fuckery!

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