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Conservative Voters Sound So Fucking Stupid Using The Term “Say Her Name,” Mitch McConnell Announces He Will Step Down After 2024 Election, A Series Of Los Angeles Restaurants Closing Down, San Francisco Politicians Think Change Is Going To Happen By Electing More Liberals, 3 California Senators Are All Clowns (Porter, Schiff and Lee,) Laken Riley Outrage Is All Phony, Democrat Athens Georgia Mayor Is A Far-Left Retard, Gary Sinise Son Dies & The Question Remains If He Was Vaccinated, Apple Ends Bid To Make Electric Cars, Mitch McConnell Has Received $80+ Million In Kickbacks From Ukraine Aid, Sen. Mike Lee From Utah Thanks McConnell For His Tenure, Old School Nokia Phones, Pentagon Announces 50 Cases Of Theft, Fraud & Corruption Linking To Ukraine Foreign Aid + Much More Fuckery

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