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Morgan Wallen Is Probably Very Unoriginal, Writers, Ghostwriters, Creative Works, Hip-Hop Facts, Journalist Covering “January 6th” Steve Baker Arrested & Charged With 4 Misdemeanors For Reporting Actual News, Elon Musk Continues To Show That X Is Compromised As He Re-Implements Pronoun, Misgendering & Deadnaming Being Prohibited On His “Free Speech Platform,” Far-Left Language, WEF Linda Yaccarino Pulling All The Jewish Strings, Elon Musk Is The PSYOP, Elon Shilling To Israel, You Cannot Allow Politicians & One Sided Political Parties To Define What Hate Speech Is, Israel First Mike Johnson, Gavin Newsom Switches Up & Will Not Exempt Panera Bread From The $20 Minimum Wage Virtue Signal, CDC Announces 5-Day COVID Isolation Is No Longer A Thing, Lee’s Sandwiches In San Francisco Is Closing Its Final 2 Locations, Ghana Passes Law Criminalizing Same-Sex Couples, Opposing Liberal Ideas/ Concepts And Policies, + Much More Fuckery! Opposing The Liberal Agenda + Much More Fuckery!

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