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People With Airpods Are Fucking Assholes, Thursday, NCAA Gets Sued For Allowing Men To Compete In Women’s Sports, Transgenderism Mental Illness, Aaron Rodgers Rumored To Be RFK Jrs VP, Opposing The Left-Wing Agenda, Conspiracies, Conspiracy Theorists, Jim Bruer, Vaccines/Masks, Trump Is Carrying Water For China Along With Every Other Republican That Wants To Keep TikTok, NORMIE Conservatives Reposting The Same Ass Videos, Letitia James Want Firefighters Who Booed Her To Be Red-Educated, Trump Supporters Are Out Of Sight Out Of Mind, NCAA Is Getting Sued For Allowing Men To Compete In Women’s Sports, Riley Gaines, Feminists Not Saying Shit, Gay/Transgender Indoctrination, The Long Term Effects Of Transgenderism, Riley Gaines On Joe Rogan, Political Correctness, College Liberal Indoctrination, Trump Was Not Right About Everything, Maybe This Is All Just A Bad Dream, Another Pandemic Will Easily Happen Because Normies Won’t Say Shit About Anything, All That Plus Much More Fuckery!

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