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Sly’s Old Computer Repair Biz Was Called Giant Repair, San Francisco Giants Of Course, All Sports Is Woke Sports, Giants Put Vax Up On Field, Kneeled For Floyd & Had Fake Cutouts In The Stands, NHL With Pride Tape On Hockey Sticks, Tik Tok Ban Is Infringement Of Speech But PornHub Ban Isn’t According To NORMIE Conservatives, TikTok Is Chinese Propaganda, There Is No Right Wing & There Is No Left Wing, There’s Elites And There’s Non-Elites, Israel Wants To Buy TikTok, The Restrict Act, Boycotting Woke Brands, Planet Fitness Allowing Men In Locker Rooms, Most People Are Okay With Being Spied On By TikTok – TEMU – Shein – Alibaba, Etc, There’s No Such Thing As Redpilling Someone, Identity Politics, Katt Williams Mocked Someone Representing Mexico, Latina Nail Salon Ambushed, Fake Outrage, People Having Forced Outrage Only When It Comes To Their Race, Matt Gaetz Might Be A Pedophile, Ex-WNBA Star Sheryl Swoopes Doesn’t Think Black People Can Be Racist, Democrats Virtue Signaling, Danny Masterson In Prison For Raping Girls, Someone Was Murdered On NY Subway, Liberal Policy Is Killing America, Liberal Agenda Vs Conservative Agenda, Ron De Santis, All That Plus Much More Fuckery!

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