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Unoriginal People In Society Suck, Google AI Is Woke & Doing Whatever Liberals Programmed It To Say And Do, Kid Rock Goes On Joe Rogan And Gives A Bitch Ass Excuse Why He Ended His Bud Light Boycott, Walnut Creek White Power Guy That Made Headlines Was Spitting Facts & I Heard Zero Lies, CPAC Event Is An Israel First Shilling Event Filled With Establishment Republicans Shilling To Israel In The Worst Way, Tiffany Haddish Heading To Israel To Suck on Israel Dick, Phony Republicans Like Chicago Ray Gets No Respect, Walnut Creek,CA Is Going Woke And Will Go Broke, Liberal Agenda, Political Incorrectness Is The Best Thing Ever, Free Thinking, Not Following Political Narratives, Fox News Is State Affiliated Media, CBS Journos Gets Her Docs Seized, RINO Republicans, Illegal Aliens + Much More Fuckery

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