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People On The Freeway Don’t Know How To Drive, More Sell Out Moves Coming From Trump, This Time On Abortion, Time For Pro-Trump People To Block Out Him Sell Out On The Abortion Topic, It’s Not 5D Chess With Trump – He’s a Politician That Need Your Vote, That’s It, Nothing Else, The 2024 Trump Campaign Is Weak As Fuck, Trump Is Still The Better Option But He’s A Sell-Out, South Carolina Head Coach Dawn Staley Being Paid To Lie About Women, Woke Agenda Owns University’s, Abortion Is The Most Dangerous Conversations To Have With Liberals, Republicans Using The Rape/Incest Argument To Support Their Pro Trump Narrative Is Funny As Fuck, Arizona Announces They Will Pass An Abortion Ban, Mentally Ill Liberals, Lot Of People Wearing MAGA Merchandise In The Far-Left Bay Area, Back The Blue Narrative Is Stupid, Police Are Order Followers From The Government, Police In Arkansas Cut Down A Trump Flag At A College Baseball Game, All Police Departments Are Woke, + Much More Fuckery!

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