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Addictions, Alcohol Addictions, Phone Addictions, Weed Addictions, Addictions!, Very Sore From Playing Soccer With My Son, Sly Getting Very Old, Birthday Is Coming, Political Labels Are Gay, Girls Basketball Team Refuses To Participate In Game Due To Transgender On Opposing Team, Women’s Sports / Girls Sports Need People To Stand Up, Gran Torino References, Viral Video Shows Father Ripping Up USA/LGBTQ Flag, Bay Area Conservatives Marching For Israel Is Some Clown America Last Bullshit, ZIONISM, Identity Politics Is Fucking Stupid, Most Liberal NBA Coach Steve Kerr Is Now The Highest Paid Coach In The Entire League, Mask Wearing Still Happening In The Bay Area, Trump Saying We Need To Retire Crooked Hillary Nickname Is Clown Shit, People Still Asking Google AI Questions, You’re Talking To A Computer, Elon Musk Is Part Of The Establishment+ Much More Fuckery

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