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Women Are Definitely Going To Be Part Of The World War 3 Draft, US Military Probably Isn’t A Bunch Of Of Men Who Think They’re Women Type People, NORMIE Conservatives Are Back To Believing The News & Shilling To Israel While Not Putting America First, Trump Says America Needs To Stand With Israel, Israel Support Is Being Pushed By The Establishment, Ceasefire Protestors Shut Down The Golden Gate Bridge, Israel & The Agendas They Control In America, All Politicians Are Shilling To Israel, Jewish Supremacy, Israel Propaganda Has Flooded The Mainstream Media Airwaves, Trust Nobody, Islamophobia, My Foreign Policy Strategy Is Putting America First, Ukraine & Israel Is The Same Shit, Peace – Love – Dope Bro, America Needs To Support America, US Govt Using Bush And Obama Era Propaganda Phrases, Boomer Republicans Believing The News, I’m 100% Against War, Shit That The Jews Are Responsible For, + Much More Fuckery!

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