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Republican Speaker Israel First Mike Johnson Wants To Send $95 Billion To Nazi Ukraine, Donald Trump Definitely Endorsed Israel First Mike Johnson, Political Labels Are Fucking Stupid, Andrew Tate Was Right About Christians Being Weak In Society, All Things Woke Turn To Shit, Israel/Ukraine Aid Talk, Revisiting The October 7th Lie, Hamas Is Israel & Israel Is Hamas, You Have More In Common With People You Disagree With Than You Think, America Has Given Israel $300 Billion Since The 1940s – Probably More, Israel Isn’t Even Asking For Foreign Aid, All Major Cities Are Doomed, There’s Not One Republican That Isn’t Bought & Paid / Compromised, Every Type Of Politician Is Compromised, Cloud Seeding Isn’t A Conspiracy, Timcast Gets Shows Deleted From YouTube, Grown Men Idolizing Other Grown Men Is Normie Bullshit, Mar Mari Emmanuel, BitChute Numbers Have Been Great, Free Speech Vs Speech You Hate, YouTube Is Part Of The Problem, Plus Much More Fuckery!

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