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Israel First Mike Johnson Sending Billions To Ukraine And Israel, Your Favorite Financial Advisor Experts Are All Republicans, The Dark Realities Of “Gender Affirming Care” aka: Mutilation & Castration Of Minors, USA Today Says Gavin Newsom Sucks At Economy & Liberals Shouldn’t Handle The Economy, The Facts About BIDENOMICS, Foreign Aid, Starting Your Own Business Is The Best Thing Anyone Can Do, Wokeism, Trans Agenda Is Part Of Mainstream American Popular Culture Which Is Why It’s Accepted, Sly The Podcaster, Flipping Houses, Ceasefire Protesters Are All Unemployed Rejects, Fuck Govt Handouts, People Who Beg For Money Are Annoying, Democrats Wanna Spend Spend Spend Money, Little Giants Movie, RIP To Tomboys, Boston Children’s Hospital Chopping Up Children, Republicans Bending Their Knee On Abortion Is Unfortunate, NPR CEO Says We Need To Regulate Freedom Of Speech, Old Left Vs Modern Left, Banning Speech You Hate, Plus Much More Fuckery!

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