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Trump, Biden and RFK Are All Paid By Israel, Trump Supporters Try And Pretend Trump Isn’t Getting Israeli Kickbacks, Ceasefire Protesters Hate Joe Biden So Don’t Expect Them To Be Used For Biden’s 2024 Campaign, Some Crazy Shit Is Definitely Coming To America, People Using Israel And Gaza War As A Right Vs Left Are Lost, AIPAC Is The Verified Proof All Politicians Are Paid By Israel, Summertime Craziness Is Coming, Jews Killed JFK & RFK Loves The Jews, All Of Trump’s VP Choices Are All Bought And Paid By Israel, Tim Scott Is A Fucking Bitch, Trump Is The Literal Definition Of A Sell-Out, 30,000 Christians Live In Gaza, X Is Definitely Not A Free Speech Platform, Charlie Kirk Compares Jewish Hate To White Hate, Turning Point USA Is Bought And Paid By Israel, Why You Shouldn’t Follow Political Party Narratives, + Much More Fuckery!

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