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60 Min Show! Elon Musk Is Bought And Paid By Jews, TPUSA Is Bought And Paid By Jews, DeSantis Ends Presidential Bid, Trump Voters Doing Whatever Trump Tells Them To Do, Normies On The Right-Wing, 2024 Political Season, Sean Strickland Is Good At Talking Bad About Leftists But Can’t Win Fights, Dana White Doing More For Free Speech Than Elon Musk, Chino Yang Did Nothing Wrong, How To Push back against Leftists & Their Demands, Monday, Getting Speeding Tickets At 16 Years Old, Amy Coney Barrett Is A Fucking Sell Out, Trump Sucks At Picking People, Supreme Court Votes To Take Down Barb Wire @ Southern Border, Other Shit I Can’t Remember, Watch The Show Already And Stop Reading This!

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