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Trump’s Kangaroo Court Is All Being Engineered By The Democrats & Joe Biden, Charlamagne Says He Has Trump Derangement Syndrome & Thinks Trump Is The Biggest Threat To Democracy, Netflix Is All Of A Sudden Producing A Hitler Documentary Amid All That Evil Anti-Semitism Happening In Society, Liberals Are All Controlled, Conservative Policies, Trump’s Grab Em By The Pussy Moment Was An Establishment Set-Up, Voting Red Means More Than Just Voting Trump, All Democrats Are Far-Left Due To Transgenderism Concepts, Dr. Ben Carson Has Only Mentioned Israel Twice Since October 7th & Has Taken Zero Money From The Israel Lobby, Charlie Kirk Is An Idiot, Both Democrats And Republicans Pushed COVID Restrictions On Their Constituents, Draining The Swamp Means Cutting Govt Funding, Everything & Everyone Is A PSYOP, Donald Trump’s VP Selection Is Going To Be A Huge Disappointment, Establishment Fuckery, Mainstream Media Has Brainwashed The Normies, Leftist Language, Propaganda Events Are Designed To Make You Believe The Lies, January 6th lie, Hamas Lie, News Believers, Johnny Cash Movie, Originality, Israel Lobby Is The Biggest Problem In American Politics, Political Grifters, + Much More Fuckery!

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