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Weds Afternoon, Man Shows Up To A Far-Left Walnut Creek City Council Meeting Wearing A “White Power” Shirt & Bay Area Normies Are Pretending To Be Outraged, Hate Speech, Racism, Trump Wants DeSantis Aa His VP After He Belittled Him For Consecutive Months, Barry Bonds Steroid Era, Fake Outraging, 2024,Beyonce Claims Country Music Is Racist As She Has A Country Chart Topping Song, NYPOST: Vaccines Are Causing A “Slight” Increase in Heart, Blood And Brain Problems, No Such Thing As A Conspiracy, 7 Million Illegal Aliens Have Crossed Since Biden Took Office, Liberals Ava Russia, Machine Gun Kelly Paints His Upper Body Black, Rob Reiner’s New Film That Disrespects Christians, + Much More Fuckery!

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