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Body Positivity Crowd Angry That Ozempic Is A Thing, America First, IN-N-OUT Burger Owners Probably Hate California For Many Reasons, Thomas Jefferson Statue Removed In New York, Liberals Are Fucking Dumb, Red States Standing With Texas & Their Border Barb Wire Issue, Mainstream Outlets Are All Dying, Texas Governor is Definitely WEF & Bought And Paid So Don’t Be Surprised If Some Bullshit Happens In Texas, Liberals Love Doxxing, DEI Is A Jewish Creation, Go Woke Go Broke: All Woke Brands Are Collapsing, Trump’s Legal Battles, Liberal Indoctrination Is American Indoctrination, California Is Facing A $68 Billion Dollar Deficit, Stephen King Believing His Liberal Lies, Liberals Are Propagandists, + Much More Fuckery

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