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Oj Simpson Is Now Dead, OJ Definitely Murdered Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman, Ron Goldman’s Dad Never Looked Happy, OJ Used To Be A Rapper, Khloe Kardashian Is Probably Very Sad Her Dad OJ Is Dead Now, High School Diploma & Moat College Degrees Aren’t Needed, Radio Classes Are All Stupid, Communications Degrees, Trump Said Abortion Is Up To The States Than Shames Arizona ( A State) For Banning Abortion, Kari Lake Is a Pathetic Human Being That Can’t Be Taken Serious, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Apple Is A Cult, $20 Fast Food Jobs In California Ain’t Bad, Happy Ass Fast Food Workers In California, Dogtown, Z-Boys, Tony Alva, Pirates, 30% Of Adults Are Being Creative Everyday, 100% Of Children Are Being Creative Everyday, In-N-Out Burger: Quality You Can Taste, Fuck Getting Married To The Government, Big Asses and Tits, Joey Chestnut, Nathan’s Hot Dogs, 30 For 30 Is The Only Good Thing ESPN Does, On Simpson Facts, Drinking Coffee, No Quality Of Life Living In California, Red States Are Safe States, Republican Party Lies, Guns Are Evil To Normies, Oregon Is Sort Of Free, Not Even Going To Vote, All That Plus Much Much More Fuckery!

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