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Trump Defends Mike Johnson Sending $95 Billion To Ukraine, Israel, And Taiwan, Being Anti-Establishment, Offended Culture Sucks, Right Wingers Not Acting Off Emotion Is A Lie, Unfiltered SLY, Republicans Are Supposed To Be Against Big Government, The Government Doesn’t Lie & Is Never Wrong, All 3 Letter Agencies Are Always Correct, The Entire Republican Establishment Is Pissed At Tucker Carlson For Opposing The Jewish Narrative, Jews Are Funding Ceasefire Protests, Conservative Influencer Scott Lobaido Is Shilling To Jews Hardcore, All Politicians Are Bought And Paid By AIPAC, Normies Don’t Like The Israel Talk, Trump Will Never Condemn Mike Johnson Because They’re Friends, Donald Trump Has Sold Out On So Many Levels, No Way Trump Wins The Election, America Is Liberal & America Doesn’t Want A Republican President, Echo Chambers Are Really Bad, When Trump Pushed The Vaccine, + Much More Fuckery!

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