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Pro Vaxxer Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock Has Passed Away, Wal-Mart Is Selling Pride Merch Now, Target Seem To Have Stopped Selling Pride Gear, Robert DeNiro Speaks At Biden’s Press Conference In Front Of Trump’s Courthouse, Establishment Is All The Way In On Going Against Trump, Nikki Haley Is In Israel Writing Messages On Missiles That Will Kill Women & Children, Donald Trump Promises Nikki Haley Will Be Part Of His Admin Because They Have The Same Ideas ( Whatever That Means), Joe Biden Is Interfering In The 2024 Election, Democrats Are Very Desperate, Neocons Republicans, Conservative Policy, Trump Is Still Way Way Way Better Than Biden, Archie Bunker, AMC Adds A Woke Warning To Goodfellas Movie Before It Starts, Freedom Of Speech, Political Incorrect Humor, Celebrities Are All Trash, Jason Kelce Mocks Harrison Butker, Women’s Role In Society, Fox Networks Original Idea Was To Be Offensive, Falling Down Movie, Libertarians Are A Joke, RFK Is Not A viable Second Option To Trump, Wokeism Is A PSYOP To Oppose Trump, Moderate Left vs Far Left, Right Wing Boycotting Works, Normies Think Republicans Are So Evil, Biden Weaponizing Justice Dept Against Trump, Fuck 1 Issue Voters, + Much More Fuckery!

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