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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Pandering To Harvey Milk Is Fucking Stupid, Charlemagne Refuses To Endorse Biden On The View, Feminism Killed The American Family, NFL Commissioner With A Common Sense Response To Harrison Butker Outrage, Democrats Are Very Desperate, Juneteenth Celebration While There’s Actual Slavery In America Is Fucking Hilarious, Liberals Love Pandering To Black People For Votes, They Want To Make A Movie About George Floyd Now, Climate Tax, Climate Change HOAX, Harvey Milk Is A Jewish Pedophile, Degenerate San Francisco Gay Politicians, Liberals Still Are Controlled To Hate Trump, Ceasefire Protesters, Origins Of The ADL, Conservative Outlets All Bought By Jews, Tim Pool Thinks Anyone Who Opposes Jews Is A Conspiracy Theorist, Republican Party Is In Bed With Israel, NFL Is For Sure Woke As Fuck, People In America Are Commies Who Want To Shut Down Views They Disagree With, College Kids Are All Indoctrinated To Be Liberals, Toxic Masculinity, Liberal Lingo/Language, All TV Networks Are Liberal Indoctrination, Joe Biden Is Everything They Said Trump Was, Summer Of Love 2.0 Happening In 2024?, + Much More Fuckery!

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