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Echo Chambers Are Very Bad For Anyone With An Opinion, The Way Social Media Algorithms Work, People Only Want To See Shit They Agree With, Social Media News Pages Are On Social Media 24/7, The Sly Show Has No Interns, Conservative Policies Are The Best Policies For A Functioning Society, Tucker Carlson Is Cool, El Salvador Is One Of The Safest Places In The World, Nayib Bukele, Conservatives Brainwashed To Stand With Israel, Conservatives Playing Identity Politics Is Gay Bullshit, Democrat Party Agenda Is The Establishment Agenda, Donald Trump Gave His Followers Permission To Go On TikTok, Vote Blue No Matter Who Is Trump Version Of “Don’t Care Still Voting Trump” Crowd, Annoying Leftists, Politicians Are All Full Of Shit, Steve Banning Doing Prison Time Because Of Jews, Illegal Immigration Is Destroying All Liberal Ran Countries, Globalism, Go Woke Go Broke, Fuck Political Labels Just Have Common Sense, All Blue Cities Look Like Shit, Red States Vs Blue States, + Much More Fuckery!

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