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Donald Trump Fully Sells Out To Israel, Adderall Is Legal Meth, Coffee Please, Scott Weiner Pushing Through Pedophile Legislation In San Francisco, Joe Biden Shit Himself Then Fell Asleep At D-Day Event, Sean Hannity Is Establishment Trash, Trump Is Compromised By The Jews, Trump Says Israel Needs More Influence In American Politics, Election Is Over & I Don’t Care Anymore, There’s Only Far-left, Not Far-Right, Sly Gives Actual Examples Of Extreme Far-Left, “Gender Affirming Care,” Democrats Are Okay With Children Cutting Up Body Parts, If You Know Too Much People Think You’re Crazy, Far Right Is Nazism, Anyone Who Opposes Israel Is Far-Right, American Pride Is The Only Pride That Matters, Conservative Ideas Are No Where In Mainstream Society, If You Think There’s More Than 2 Genders That’s A Far-Left Idea, 11 NFL Teams Refuse To Give Pride Month Statements, Child Mutilation, All Politicians Lie, FBI Is Corrupt, CIA Is Very Corrupt, Mark Levin Is A ZIONIST, + Much More Fuckery!

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