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Donald Trump Pandering Some More And Creates A TikTok Account After Labeling TikTok Chinese Propaganda In Previous Years, Caitlin Clark Is Being Abused And Hated On Because She’s White, People Afraid To Label Black People Racist, Chicago Ray Is Still Very Much A Clown, Big Differences Between The 90s Vs 2000s Era, Elon Musk Is Full Of Shit, Republicans Want To Ban Porn & Ceasefire Protesters Are Horrible Americans, There Is No Right – There Is No Left, Mexico’s New President Is Jewish Adding To All The Jewish Presidents That Are Being Put In Power, Establishment Agenda Hard At Work, Locker Rooms And Construction Sites No Fakeness Happens, MLB Makes Their Logo All Gay To Comply With “Pride Month,” Donald Trump Has Lost All Credit, Nobody Takes Woke Police Officers Serious, Boomers Wearing MAGA Hat In The Bay Area Says Donald Trump Is The Only Way To Defeat “Hamas,” Normies Believe All The Propaganda The Government Sells, People Are Still Wearing Masks In The Bay Area, Mental Illness, Supporting Trump Is Still Very Much Being Anti-Establishment, Democrats And Republicans Both Signed A Bill Issuing Sanctions To ICC For Criminalizing Israel, Republicans & Democrats Both Support Israel, The Government Is Killing Everyone Through The Food You Eat, Seed Oils, Most Of All Political Talk Is Theater, Donald Trump Is 100% Compromised, Israel Owns Every Politician, Trump’s Not America First, Democrat & Republican Boomers Are America First + Much More Fuckery!

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