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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Hates Political Incorrect Humor, Miss Alabama Is Obese, Fat & Very Unhealthy, Body Positivity Movement Sucks, America’s Food Is Getting Poisoned, Kid Rock Is Another Right-Wing Sell Out, Dennis Quaid Backs Trump, Celebrity Endorsements Should Mean Nothing, 93 Giants, Fuck Political Labels, China Owns Farmland All Around America, Tik Tok Is Still Chinese Propaganda, Politicians Are All Full Of Shit, Coffee Spilling Everywhere, Trump Retired Crooked Hillary Phrase But Hillary Clinton Is Still Crooked Hilary, Great Idea For U-Haul, Origins Of Offended Culture, Airline Had To Remove Passengers Because They Were Too Fat, Lizzo Is Fucking Disgusting And A Horrible Role Model, Buying All Fruit At Farmers Market, Alex Jones Said The Deep State Is The Democrat Party Deep State, No Right – No Left, Just Up & Down, Democrats & Republicans Both Want To Take Away Freedom Of Speech, Surface Level Christians, Lukewarm Pastors, Sly’s Stand Up Comedy Days Getting Censored, George Carlin Had It Right, Old People Have Lot Of Wisdom, Baby Boy Movie, Marjorie Taylor Greene Compares Trump To Jesus, Not Having Air Conditioning In Las Vegas, Hot Weather Is Coming, + Much More Fuckery!

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