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Candace Owens Fired From The Daily Wire For Opposing The Jewish Supremacy Narrative, I Cancelled My Planet Fitness Membership, Why Boycotts Are Very Effective For Conservatives, Liberal Culture Has Flooded American Culture And It’s Fucking Dumb As Shit, Fact: There Is No Non-Woke Gym, It’s A Normie Thing To Think Politicians Will Do Anything To Help Society, Planet Fitness Is Proud To Be Woke As Fuck, Getting Behind Wokeism Is Clown Bullshit, Gavin Announces Prop 1 Passing & Says He Is Finally Going To Fix Homelessness In California, Politicians Don’t Wanna Fix Anything, Normies: People Who Follow The Crowd, It Was Easier To Pick A Side During COVID, Rabbi Shmuley, A Look Into Who Candace Owens Is, All Mainstream Conservative Organizations Are Bought And Paid By Israel, Most Conservatives Are Indoctrinated To Back Israel, Ths Republican Party Stance Is To Back Israel & Anyone Who Opposes That Is A Huge Problem, Being Anti-Semitic Is A Left Wing Concept That Comes From The Same Place As Being Racist and Homophobic,Israel Is Responsible For The Destruction Of America, Conservatives Need To Research On What Agendas The Jews Are In-Control Of & Realize The Answer Is All Of Them, Free Palestine, + Much More Fuckery

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